Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Erie Canal

(more photos)

During the summer, I'm not a big fan of outdoor activities. (What can I say? I sunburn easily and hate hot weather.) But on a nicer (i.e., cooler) day, I wouldn't mind a walk by the Erie Canal.

Go ahead and take your kids, your dog, your bike, your skates, or some combination thereof! In the past, I've gone on walks starting at Perinton Park, Schoen Place, and Lock 33 in Henrietta and would recommend any of them.

You can also cruise the canal on the Sam Patch, which departs from Schoen Place in Pittsford. Clem and I are hoping to take a boat trip sometime before summer ends.

To get you in the mood for canal-exploring, here's the Erie Canal song, sung by ... Suzanne Vega?! "Fifteen Miles on the Erie Canal."

TIP: If you want to learn more about the canal's history, Syracuse is the home of the Erie Canal Museum.

NEARBY: Plenty, depending where you are! A couple of my favorites are Coal Tower and Bill Wahl's Microcreamery.


  1. Have you seen the park, paddle and peddle place at Schoen place too? So cool! http://www.ljcfyi.com/2008/06/park-paddle-and-peddle.html

  2. No - that sounds fun, though! I love paddleboats. :)


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