Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The State Fair (Syracuse)

(more photos)

Ah, the State Fair. Where else can you...

... witness a parade that includes a pink John Deere, a bunch of PT Cruisers, a band playing "Louie Louie," and a Cub Scout float?

... watch part of a horse show and then play a couple of games of skeeball?

... join a big group of people crowding around a counter to buy a plastic cup full of milk -- plain or chocolate -- for 25 cents?

... find so many men willing to either flatter or insult you by guessing your weight or height?

... eat things you never knew existed, such as maple cotton candy and deep-fried PB&J sandwiches?

... supposedly get a glimpse of a "monkey with a human face," "giant nuclear radiation beetle," or a horse "smaller than a bale of hay"?

... admire a sand sculpture, butter sculpture, and art created by a man with a chainsaw?

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