Monday, July 20, 2009

Italian Festival

(more photos here)

On Sunday, we went to the Italian Festival for the first time. Even though the ad in City said the admission fee was $4/person, we thought we'd give it a try. Unfortunately, there just wasn't enough at the festival to justify the admission fee, at least on that day. Looking at the schedule online, Saturday offered a few more activities -- like pasta-making demonstrations, eating contests, and a car show.

Not surprisingly, my favorite part of the festival was the dessert. Yum, cannoli. We bought one for each of us, which came to $4 -- but that meant that we didn't have any cash left to play Bocce (at $2/person). So after browsing through the few vendors (a random assortment of purses, jewelry, roses, sunglasses, and Italian-themed T-shirts), witnessing a odd and confusing raffle drawing in which no one actually won the grand prize (a car), and spending some time waiting around for the 2 p.m. band to start (by 2:30, they hadn't), we ran out of things to do and went home.

TIP: If you go next year and the organizers keep the same schedule, Saturday definitely sounds like a better bet than Sunday!

NEARBY: Yianni's in Gates

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