Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sweet Times Bakery

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Sweet Times Bakery is just a short walk from the Subaru dealer where we both take our cars for service, so once in a while I have a good excuse to go there. Last Saturday, we dropped off Clem's car for an oil change on our way to Canandaigua and got to enjoy a snack at the bakery.

It was hard to pick just one treat with all the delicious-looking possibilities in front of me -- cupcakes, cream puffs, lemon bars, brownies... I was in the mood for something sweet (no surprise there), but the bakery also offers soup, sandwiches, bread, and rolls.

We eventually decided on a cherry cheesecake bar (definitely Clem's -- ever since I was little, I can only associate cherry flavor with medicine) and a "panda bear brownie" (a cheesecake brownie -- for me). Including a half pint of chocolate milk, the total was $4.97.

On the patio outside, there were a few tables with umbrellas, but none of them were open, so we cranked one up and sat down. The person behind the counter had given us plastic forks instead of real ones, which -- besides creating more trash -- didn't actually work. The bar and brownie were too dense for the flimsy forks to do much, so we had to pick them up and eat them that way -- and my brownie became sort of a mess. That's enough about that, though -- I don't want to sound like the Aga saga woman.

Next time, I think I'll go for a cream puff or take home a loaf of bread -- they looked good.

TIP: The bakery also makes wedding cakes.

NEARBY: Ontario Mall Antiques, definitely good for browsing

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